Exhibitor at Cabex 2024 − MKZ Industrial Group

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MKZ Industrial Group is a young and dynamically developing enterprise for the production and sale of cable and wire products.

Exhibitor at Cabex 2024 − MKZ Industrial Group
The plants of MKZ Industrial Group produce a wide range of products for voltage up to 1 kV inclusive with copper and aluminium conductors with the number of conductors from 1 to 37 and cross-section from 0.5 mm2 to 800 mm2.
Production of cable and wiring products up to 1 kV:
  • Power cable of the following grades: VVGng(A)-LS, VVG-Png(A)-LS, AVVGng(A)-LS, AVVG-Png(A)-LS
  • Armoured power cable of the following grades: VBShvng(A)-LS, AVBShvng(A)-LS
  • Fire-resistant power cable grades: VVGng(A)-FRLS, VBShvng(A)-FRLS, PPGng(A)-FRHF
  • Power cable with insulation and sheathing made of halogen-free polymers of the following grades: PPGng(A)-HF, APPGng(A)-HF, PPGng(A)-FRHF
  • Flexible power cable with insulation and sheath made of thermoplastic elastomers, grades: KGtp, KGtp-XL.
  • Control cable of the following grades: KVVGng(A)-LS, KVVGng(A)-FRLS, KVBShvng(A)-LS, KVBShvng(A)-FRLS
  • Self-supporting wire for overhead power lines: SIP-4, SIP-2
  • Installation and connecting wires and cords: PVS, SHVVP, PuV, PuVng(A)-LS, PUGV, PuGVng(A)-LS
Our own design bureau within MKZ Industrial Group develops and implements unique engineering solutions, which allows us to constantly modernise production and expand the range of products.
Demonstrate your products among the visitors of Cabex exhibition from 19 to 21 March 2024 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

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