Cabex exhibition

About the exhibition
Cabex is the largest international exhibition of cable and wire products in Russia.

Annually, more than 180 manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate to specialists at Cabex exhibition the largest selection of cable, wires, cable accessories, electrical and electrical products, as well as equipment for installation and processing of cables in Russia.

Among the participating companies: Alliance-Cable, Agrokabel factory, Energokabel factory, Kamskiy Kabel, Gostcable, Hennlich Holding Cable alliance, KVIN, Ludinovakabel, Cable factory ALUR, Moskabelmet , Saranskkabel , RKS-Plast , SPKB Techno , Spetskabel, Unkomtech and many other Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.

Organizers of the exhibition: MVK company, All-Russian Research and Development Design and Technological Institute of Cable Industry (VNIIKP), Elektrokabel Association.


Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of cable and wire products, electric and electrical products, tools and equipment for cable installation, equipment and materials for the production of cable and wire products


Managers and specialists of specialized trade enterprises, construction and installation organizations, companies-end customers of cable and wire products, responsible for the selection of cable and wires, as well as related equipment and products

Cabex 2019 exhibition
181 exhibitors from 10 countries
4 337 visitors from 62 regions of Russia
6 599 sq.m. area (gross)
615 business programme delegates
Cabex 2019 photos
Exhibition sections
· Cables
· Wires
· Electrical installation products
· Electrical product
· Cable pulling and recycling equipment
· Cable production materials

Benefits of exhibiting

Exhibit at the Cabex will allow your company to attract new customers, increase volumes and expand the geography of sales of cable and wire products, cable accessories, electric and electrical products, as well as equipment for cable installation and laying
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Benefits of visiting

A visit of the Cabex is an opportunity in just 3 days to get acquainted with the widest selection of cable and wire products in Russia, evaluate its quality live, choose the products your company needs, find new suppliers, and also be among the first to know about the latest in the Russian market
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