Update on coronavirus situation


We keep a good watch at the situation regarding new coronavirus infection and keep track on all related public statements of the relevant Russian agencies and governmental bodies.

At the current moment the prevention measures, undertaken by the related authorities, prove to be efficient -  there are only few isolated cases of 2019-nCoV in Russia.[1]

There is no indication on possible threat to a successful conduction of Cabex exhibition in the time scheduled: 17-19 of March 2020 at ECC Sokolniki in Russia, Moscow.

We will ensure that additional measures will be undertaken onsite to enable a high level of hygiene as a precaution.

At the current moment we record a high level of visitors` interest for the Cabex exhibition, which entitles to expect a traditionally high level of efficiency of event both for exhibitors and visitors(which are 95% are from Russia).

Unfortunately companies from China will hardly be able to provide attendance of their staff to the exhibition before the situation regarding 2019-nCoV in China will finally settle positively. An exception will be companies with the local office in Russia or ones with local business-partners.

Additional information:
[1] Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by Johns Hopkins CSSE

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