Polymer Alliance is a new exhibitor of Cabex 2020


Launched in January 2008 in the city of Alexandrov, Vladimir Region, is the first step of Polymer Alliance in the industry of thermoplastic elastomers and compositions based on SEBS , SBS and EPDM .

Today, materials of Polymer Alliance a are widely used by manufacturers of cables and seals in the shoe and automotive industries, we have many regular customers and a wide range of production brands. Products are manufactured on the latest specialized equipment. A variety of grades of thermoplastic elastomer allows you to choose the material that is ideal for your production.

The transition to the production of products from TPE will not require special additional skills of workers. Implementation specialists will give all the necessary recommendations and indicate what you need to pay attention to in the first place in order to achieve the most effective result.

TPE is a high-tech composite material consisting of an elastomeric phase evenly distributed in a thermoplastic matrix. Processing of thermoplastic elastomers is achieved by standard methods of processing thermoplastics - extrusion, injection molding, vacuum molding, etc. and does not require special skills of workers.

TPE can be recycled after crushing. With a share of secondary material not higher than 20%, the products will retain their final properties.

Unlike rubbers, material processing does not need vulcanization and the stage of preparation of rubber compounds. Due to the presence of the elastomeric phase, products made of TEC have rubber-like properties, such as elasticity, shape memory, frost resistance and softness, but at the same time have higher wear resistance, which significantly improves product quality.

Visit Cabex 2020 from 17 till 19 March and consult with specialists of Polymer Alliance.

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