SICME Italiaimpianti MC S.r.l. at the Cabex 2020


S.I.C.M.E. SpA was founded in 1955 in Turin specialising in the manufacturing of enamelling machines for copper and aluminium insulated wire for electrical winding, starting from the smallest round ones up to the largest strips. 

The complete SICME ITALIAIMPIANTI MC team includes excellent professionals (above all technologists, engineers, graduates, skilled technicians, software engineers, mechanics, etc.) who have long experience in the field.

The company produces internally most of the plant components & accessories and it carries out inside the factory all tests related to the finished machines (also for vertical machines, with a special tower 20 m. high for testing) so that, only after the complete testing finished machines, delivery can then be scheduled.

SICME ITALIA IMPIANTI MC also has a dedicated spare parts warehouse of 1000 sqm. able to provide a wide variety of spare part even for very old machines (since the company retains all the original projects, patented designs, etc.) going back to the first machine dated 1958. Furthermore, the Intellectual Property for SICME designs remain with SICME ITALIAIMPIANTI MC.

Currently, SICME ITALIAIMPIANTI MC is the only manufacturer in the world offering this new technology, using natural gas for thermal power in the enamelling ovens in modern wire enamelling machines.

Visit Cabex from 17 to 19 March 2020 and get familiar with the products of SICME ITALIAIMPIANTI MC

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