Estrocom is the new exhibitor at Cabex 2020!


Estrocom was founded in 1999 with the participation of employees of the National Institute of Aviation Technologies with the aim of launching a production site to create new and industrial implementation of already developed technologies for the production of polyimide materials.

One of the company’s activities was the development of the production of high-temperature composite materials based on polyimides in Russia.

Company Advantages:

  • own production facilities;
  • modern production technologies;
  • own certified laboratory;
  • qualified staff.

The polyimide film is made by watering from a polyimide varnish obtained in a solution of dimethylformamide.

Polyimide films are characterized by high physical and mechanical properties. They retain their elasticity over a wide temperature range. Possess high fatigue and long-term strength, low creep. Polyimide film refers to antifriction materials. It does not dissolve in organic solvents, it is resistant to oils, it is destroyed (hydrolyzed) by concentrated acids and alkalis. It has high radiation resistance.

Visit the Cabex from March 17 to March 19, 2020 and get familiar with the products of the Estrocom company.

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