Cable Alliance Holding presented modern developments for the construction industry


Cable Alliance Holding presented the modern development of cables and wires at the International Forum for High-Rise and Unique Construction “100+ Forum Russia”.

Cable Alliance Holding presented modern developments for the construction industry

One of the most important topics of the forum was the fire safety of skyscrapers and other structures. The key role is played by the reliability of the wiring. According to experts, the share of low-quality cable products in the general construction market can reach up to 90%, depending on the territory. Its use threatens with a short circuit and fire with all the ensuing consequences. The laboratory input quality control of cable products could solve the problem at the stage of building construction. However, it is practiced only by a tiny fraction of construction companies.

“In residential and office buildings, in shopping centers, in social facilities, high-quality wiring should be used. In addition to observing the design parameters, special high-grade materials with non-combustibility and low toxicity should be used in its manufacture. This is a guarantee of the safety of people and property, ”said Marat Kalimullin, representative of Cable Alliance Holding.

One of the Cable Alliance Holding developments presented at the 100+ Forum Russia forum was the fire-resistant cable of the Kolchuga trademark. The new design is made at the Electrocable plant in the city of Kolchugino (Vladimir Region). The high quality of the materials used, strict adherence to technological requirements in the production of cables allow it to function safely, and in case of fire to withstand the spread of fire.

In addition, the company produces fireproof power cables of the HoldCab trademark with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation. They are used, for example, in the construction of the Moscow Metro. The NIKI control cables also have good operational properties (increased fire resistance and cold resistance, halogen-free) and are in demand in the construction of oil and gas and other infrastructure.

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