Results of Cabex 2019!


Interesting and memorable moments of Cabex 2019!

Exhibition opening ceremony:

2019-03-19-10-59-49_3K172242.jpg 2019-03-19-11-08-46_3K172298.jpg

Congress Opening. Welcome Address:

2019-03-19-12-10-05_3K172536.jpg 2019-03-19-12-10-35_5K242912.jpg

Flashmob of Moskabelmet:

P1020045-(1).JPG P1020050.JPG

Reception for congress sponsors. Award ceremony of congress sponsors:

P1020104.JPG P1020118.JPG

Musical performance of Honey Spas on the Trading House Vladelektrokabel stand:

IMG_3842.JPG _J7A7970.jpg

The award ceremony for the Best PR service of the Cabex 2019:

IMG_4271.JPG IMG_4298.JPG

Interesting stands of the participants:

IMG_4007.JPG IMG_3868.JPG
IMG_3922.JPG IMG_3682.JPG
IMG_3802.JPG IMG_3727.JPG

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