Second day of Cabex 2019!


Yestarday the exhibition was attended by 1,562 visitors.

Photos of the second day: 

IMG_3666.JPG IMG_3679.JPG
IMG_3752.JPG IMG_3828.JPG
IMG_3831.JPG IMG_3852.JPG

On 2nd All-Russian Cable Congress discussed:

  • SECTION: Security aspects. Project «Cable without danger». Current achievements and development plans

  • SECTION: New technological approaches and trends in cable products manufacturing

  • SECTION: The tasks undertaken by young scientists and specialists in cable industry

IMG_4086.JPG IMG_4066.JPG
IMG_4076.JPG IMG_4087.JPG
We are waiting for You on the final day of the exhibition, 21 of March, 10:00 - 16:00. 
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