18th International Exhibition for Cables, Wires, Fastening Hardware and Installation Technologies
19 - 21 March 2019 • Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki, pavilions 4, 4.1

Plants of the Holding Cable Alliance have been declared as significantly influential on industry and

Three enterprises of the Holding Cable Alliance- “Electrokabel” Kolchuginskiy Plant”, “Sibkabel” and “Uralkabel” have been included into the list of organizations significantly influencing on industry and trade, which has been confirmed by the Ministry of industry and trade of the RF


In 2015 the organizations which are in this list will be able to get subsidies from the federal budget for compensation for a part of expenses to pay interests on loans or finance of a current production activity. Products of the Holding are widely known in Russia and abroad. Nowadays a part of supplies of the HCA is about 10 % at the domestic market. A part of the market of the Holding in the group of wires and cables is big- 94%. Among producers of cables for submersible oil electric pumps the “HCA” takes more than 25 % from the total capacity of the market.

Today the HCA delivers new products to the market very actively. They are power cables, ship cables, optical fiber ones, cables for mining industry, for power engineering and other industries.

A brilliant example of a novelty is a universal cable of management by a trade mark NIKI. This product with more than 3000 modifications has a wide specter of use: it can be used in information nets as equipment cables, control ones and communication cables.

One more new product is a power 10 and 20 kV cable with a current-conducting core of a sector shape. The cable has reduced weight and dimensions sizes and a reduced external diameter. So, this characteristics entail reduce of labor expenses while laying cable lines and improvement of productive capacity and quality of their wiring. Moreover, reduce of expenses on transfer and storage of drums with products are also obvious.