18th International Exhibition for Cables, Wires, Fastening Hardware and Installation Technologies
19 - 21 March 2019 • Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki, pavilions 4, 4.1

Cabex 2016 Experts: There is no Crisis in Cable Industry

Between 15 and 17 March, Moscow has successfully hosted Cabex 2016, the 15th Anniversary Exhibition for Cables, Wires, Fastening Hardware, and Installation Technologies. The event was organised by ITE Group, All-Russian Scientific Research and Development Cable Institute (VNIIKP), and Elektrokabel Association.

This year 136 companies participated in Cabex exhibition, including about 100 Russian manufacturers and suppliers of cabling and wiring products. That is 10% more than last year. The total area of the exhibition exceeded 4,400 square meters. Over the three days of the exhibition it has been visited by 3947 visitors from 63 Russian regions and 25 foreign countries.

The exhibitors have presented a wide range of products designed for manufacture of cables and wirings, cable accessories, electric installation products, cable installation and recycling equipment, cable systems, and routing and installation technologies.

During the first day of the Exhibition it was visited by the representatives of state authorities and industrial associations who praised the exhibits displayed by the Russian and foreign participants. E.g. in his speech at the Exhibition opening ceremony Valeriy Omelchenko, State Duma member and member of State Duma Committee on Industry, noted the necessity for comprehensive update of industrial production and for creation of competitive products to meet the needs of industry and defence industry. In his speech, Alexander Smetanov, member of Moscow City Duma and Deputy Head of the Commission for Science and Industry, noted that the business should not cater to the political environment and that despite the economic sanctions the manufacturers from ten countries were able to participate in the exhibition.

At the exhibitor's stands the visitors were able to study the samples of conventional and innovative products, ask questions to the experts, acquire catalogues of cables and wiring, and to participate in meetings and negotiations on sales, production, logistics, provision, and marketing. The conclusion of new agreements with the leading Russian companies was planned during the negotiations.

The general sponsor of Cabex 2016 was Xinming, while the general information partner is RusCable.Ru portal.

Business Programme

The exhibition was accompanied by an extensive business programme. It included the Business Conference titled “Cabling and Wiring Products for the needs of Industry and Military Industrial Complex: Specificity of Work in the Conditions of Modernisation Tasks”, Cable Industry Today Seminar, and a round-table discussion titled “Photonics: a Foundation for Creation of a Smart Electric Power System” that were successfully held. The business programme events were attended by over 500 experts.

During the Cable Industry Today Seminar organised by VNIIKP JSC and Elektrokabel Association, Genadiy Meschanov, the President of Elektrokabel Association and the General Director of VNIIKP JSC highlighted the fact that in 2015 the growth of the industry had amounted to 1.8% While evaluating the operations of global cable industry in the last year the experts confirmed the conclusion made by Mr. Meschanov on the absence of crisis in the industry at the global level. Mr. Meschanov also highlighted that a growth of fiber optic production had been observed over the past four years, which confirmed the high demand for this type of products.

The 16th International Exhibition for Cables, Wires, Fastening Hardware and Installation Technologies Cabex will be hold 21–23 March 2017 in ECC Sokolniki.