Cabex 2023, a key exhibition of cable business, will present more than 170 producers and suppliers o

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Cabex 2023, the 21st International Exhibition of Cable and Wireframe Products, Equipment and Materials for their Manufacture, will take place on March 14-16 at Expocentre, Pavilion 1, Moscow.

Cabex 2023, a key exhibition of cable business, will present more than 170 producers and suppliers of cable and wire products, related materials and equipment at Expocentre
The exhibition has expanded its thematic scope and this year it will present the entire process chain: from materials and equipment for the production of wire harnesses to finished products. As a result, sections of the exhibition have been updated, providing visitors with a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of cable, wires, cable accessories, wiring and electrical products, equipment and materials for the production of cable and wire products (CKP).

Multifaceted exhibition of cable and wire products, related materials and equipment for their production
More than 170 manufacturers and suppliers from Russia, Belarus, India, China and Turkey will give specialists of the fuel and energy complex, defense industry, transport, machinery, communications, housing and utilities sector, construction and installation organizations and other sectors an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest developments in the cable market within five thematic sections of the exhibition: "Cables and wires", "Materials for cables and wires", "Equipment for cables and wires production", "Electrical equipment", "Electrical wiring equipment", "Electrical wires", "Cables and wires for industrial production".

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Cable and wire products will be presented by the exhibitors of the section "Cables and wires"
: AKRON HOLDING, "Fund Service", "Ludinovokabel", "Kamsky Kabel", "Saranskkabel-Optika", "Spetskabel", "TOMSKABEL", "Tsvetlit", "SPKB Techno", TD "SKK", MC "System - Service" and other companies. We present some of them. "Tatneft-Cable (stand A223), the enterprise of Sistema-Service Group of Companies, will exhibit a wide range of oil-submersible cables at Cabex this year. The needs of enterprises in special-purpose cables will be covered by TD Samarskaya Kabelnaya Kompaniya (TD SKK), which will present the full range of telecommunications and power cables at the exhibition. "Holding Cable Alliance ("HCA") will acquaint consumers of CAT with a wide range of safe and environmentally friendly cables and wires of its own production.

The section "Materials for cable and wire production" will unite such companies as "Bashplast", "KAMKAT", "Genesis", "Leader-Compound", "METACLAY", "Uralelectromed", "Elinar", SARKUYSAN, "PROPLAST", LLC "Ural Plant of Plasticizers" and others. "Metaclay" is one of the largest compounding manufacturers in Russia will demonstrate the most demanded for cable manufacturers polymer compositions. A series of Metaclay novelties will be presented at the stand A833. Specialists interested in purchasing materials for cable production will definitely pay attention to PVD153-10K and HDPE-273K polymer compounds based on polyolefins, produced by Genesis (booth A725). The quality of Genesis compounds is confirmed by corresponding certificates and test protocols at 40 enterprises of the cable industry.

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KABMASH, Sinoholdin Group, KABLOMAK MAKINA, Balitech-15, MIKRON MAKINE, VLC Instrument, CristAl Ltd, KABMAK, JIANGSU HUAWANG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO, XINMING, Kit-Trade and other Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers will present equipment for CAT production within the section "Equipment for cable and wire production". Problems concerning the supply of equipment for the cable industry can be solved, for example, at the booth XINMING - A721. Chinese company XINMING offers the whole line of such equipment on the market: extrusion lines, twisting machines, drawing machines, auxiliary equipment, cable armoring lines, cable coiling lines.

"Zaslavlenergo, Eliz, Interelectro, Rika Group, Rusov, BAZPlastbay, NPP ERG, RKS-Plast, Mettatron Group, Thermoclip, TDM ELECTRIC, Transenergo, and other manufacturers and suppliers of electrical installation equipment and electrical products will demonstrate their products in relevant sections of the exhibition. For example, ARKASIL SC (stand A625), a company that manufactures high-voltage fittings 110-220 kV and related products, will bring to Cabex 2023 the equipment for cable line construction: gas-insulated bushing (MVV 500), termination sleeve (MKV 126), hollow and supporting insulators.

"MosITLab, MYTECH AUTOMATION, Aktec, Energosila, and other Cabex 2023 participants, whose developments are related to the modernization of industrial enterprises, will exhibit digital solutions for optimizing business processes in cable production. Some of these companies will take part in the exhibition for the first time.

Thus, the company "MosITLab", specializing in the development and implementation of software for business, for the first time will present at the exhibition its unique software products: experimental development; analytical system; tender and mail robot; electronic keypad; software and hardware complex. Visitors to Cabex 2023 will be able to study MosITLab developments in detail at stand A211.

The exposition of the exhibition is annually updated with new exhibitors. At Cabex 2023, more than 50 companies will present their products to specialists for the first time: "KavkazKabel", "Energosila", "Bashplast", "Sibur", "MosITLab", "Leader-Compound", JSC "Yekaterinburg non-ferrous metal processing plant", "RIKA Group", "Interelectro, "Transenergo, NPP ERG, Stroyinvest, KABMAK, MIKRON MAKINE, VLC INSTRUMENT, ASTRON-JUNIT, AKTEK, NGO Copper Way, Plasma K, Kabmash, Almazinstrument, and others.
It will be possible to get acquainted with the developments of the companies and negotiate beneficial terms of cooperation at the stands.

Exhibitor list
Cabex 2023 business program
This year's Cabex series of business events will include three conferences, at which more than 80 leading experts - representatives of specialized companies, economic experts, scientific and technical specialists, heads of industry enterprises and associations - will share their professional knowledge and experience. The program will focus on trends of further development of the Russian cable market, advanced technologies of cable and wire production, experience of using cables and wires in the key branches of the Russian economy, and other topical issues of the cable industry.

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The business program will be opened by the conference named after Prof. I.B. Peshkov "Cable Industry - Science. Technology. Production", organized by the leading enterprise of the cable industry of Russia "VNIIKP", the Association "Elektrokabel" and the Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Russian Federation. In their speeches, heads of cable enterprises and scientific figures will present the results of the cable industry in 2022, as well as new directions in developments, further prospects for the development of the energy industry and ensuring its growth with the latest cable products, the problems and opportunities of creating domestic materials for the insulation systems of high and extra high voltage cables, the current opportunities of supplying materials for the production of cables and wires in Russia.

The second day of the Cabex 2023 business program (March 15) is dedicated to the conference "Designing Cable Networks. Current Challenges, Regulatory Development and Effective Solutions", where three sessions and a roundtable will be organized. During the discussion, the speakers - representatives of construction companies, heads of specialized organizations and associations - will touch upon the aspects of the industry which are of interest mostly to the design and construction companies.  Innovative cable for efficient economy and construction, incoming quality control of cabling, digitalization and IT-superiority are exhibited.

On March 16, the final conference "Current Issues of Cable Production Industry" will include a professional dialogue to find the most effective forms and methods of work to optimize the production of CAT, based on solutions in the field of logistics, labor market, import substitution and waste management in the cable industry market.

This year, for the first time, Cabex launched the "Best Innovative Product" contest. The event is designed to identify advanced achievements in the industry of cable and wire products, as well as to celebrate qualitative improvements of existing products on the market. Three nominations have been announced: "Cable and Wire", "Materials for Cable Production", and "Electrical Installation Products". A jury of experts, represented by specialists from JSC "VNIIKP" and AEC, who have extensive scientific and practical experience in the creation and implementation of high-tech cable products, performs an all-round evaluation of innovative developments. The awarding ceremony will be held on March 16 at the Cabex exhibition.

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Don't miss the opportunity to see live the latest developments and achievements in the cable industry.  You also can quickly and efficiently solve a number of your business problems in the new year. Welcome to Cabex 2023!

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