The participant of the exhibition Cabex 2023 the company "Special Cable" has developed a series of s


The company "Spetskabel" will present cable products for such areas as construction, oil and gas industry, military-industrial complex, nuclear power, space industry and much more at the Cabex 2023 exhibition.

The participant of the exhibition Cabex 2023 the company
Initially, universal SCAB® cables for control and measuring devices were focused on low-current networks. Later, the employees of the "Special Cable" developed a line of cables for power supply.

SCAB-M cables are used for the oil, gas and chemical industries. The oil-and-gasoline resistant shell and protective hose allow the products to work smoothly when exposed to mineral oils. This is a cable resistant to aggressive environments. Modern protection materials also make the cables resistant to seawater and salt fog, so the products are also used in shipbuilding.

Ship power cables of the factory "Spetskabel" SKAB-M are intended for connection to electrical devices, apparatuses, assemblies of electrical switchgear. The use of frost-resistant materials in the construction allows you to mount products in any climatic conditions. Installation takes place in the temperature range from – 50 to 50 ° C, and cables can be operated at temperatures from – 70 to 90 ° C. SCAB-M have cross sections up to 3x150 and 1x300. These are light, thin and flexible power cables.

It should be noted that the developers of the products took into account the requirements of Gazprom for power cables.

SCAB-M cables replace imported marine cables of the Helcama brand. The analogue has a certificate of recognition of the Russian River Register.

Source: Special Cable

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